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Beth Jannery is CEO of Titan and The Advisor™ exclusively advising CEO’s, C-Suite, Executive & Senior Leadership, companies and future leaders. The Advisor™ cuts through the noise and gets to the truth: Your thoughts create your results. Every strong leader needs an advisor.



Consulting and Consultant Certification

Welcome to Titan Consulting where we've redefined what it means to be a consultant.

How Titan Works
You can hire Titan as a Consultant for your company or organization. Or you can enroll in a 12-week program called Titan Consultant Certification and become a Titan Certified Consultant.

Take the Titan Path.
Titan Consulting: Titan is a leader in global consulting solutions with expertise in aerospace and defense and strategic communications. We consult with both private and public sectors and Titan is a SBA-certified small business.

Titan Consultant Certification: Titan Consultant Certification is a 12-week program for you to become a consultant and start your own business.


Titan serves public and private clients including the government and Fortune 100 companies.

We bring 25-years of leadership and communications experience to you. Expertise in strategic communications, aerospace and defense. 

We listen to your needs and deliver the consulting solution.
It’s that simple to work with Titan Consulting.

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“Titan redefines consulting with a solution-based approach and a present mindset.”



Game On: Leaders Who Last, USA Today Bestselling Author, Simon & Schuster business leaders who have overcome obstacles and “leveled up” through challenges. 



Are you ready to change your life and have fun doing it? 
Titan Consultant Certification offers a 12-week program to become a consultant using an exclusive program guide called Taking the Titan Path.  We’ve developed this process to dig deep to shift the way you think to get results that will blow your mind. You’ll  become a consultant and have the opportunity to  create your own business that aligns with your skills and values. And it’s all remote so you can work on the certification wherever works best for you. 

Discover Titan’s proven process for creating a business and being successful as a consultant. You have the opportunity to go  “all in” or consult  part-time. And you can keep working in your current position while you get certified.


Enroll in Consultant Certification

Consulting credibility with clients.

Enroll and receive Titan’s remote Consultant Certification workbook called: Taking the Titan Path.

Permission to use Titan Certified Consultant digital logo once certified.

Learn the Titan model - a proven process for creating a dynamic business and being successful as a six-figure consultant.

Meaningful assignments to elevate your thinking and earn certification in 12-weeks.

Discover what it means to live authentically, choose presence and have a conscious career.


Why did I name my business Titan? I wanted an empowering name to inspire me to take risks. It’s a daily reminder not to play it safe. It’s a daily reminder not to play small in my own life. I’m fully present for my life. I’m a Titan. We can all be Titans.
-Beth Jannery




Beth Jannery created Titan with 25 years of communications experience. Through Titan, she consults for public and private clients and leads the Titan Consultant Certification program. Prior to creating Titan, Beth served as Bureau Chief for Raytheon Technologies, a $64 billion-dollar multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate with 174,000 employees. She also served as Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Senior Vice President for a billion-dollar company with 7,000 employees. Beth grew up in New England and lives in Northern Virginia where she raised two incredible daughters. She created the Titan model used in Titan Consulting and Certification.


Forbes Business Council Official Member

Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business Innovation & Strategy Executive Program

The Wharton School’s Corporate Board Governance Executive Program

Journalism director and professor at a top research university

A Harvard Business School speaker

Author of several published books

Boston University College of Communication master’s degree

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Consulting for a Federal Agency

Global Consultant and Advisor

Aerospace & Defense Expertise

Decades of Mindfulness & Meditation

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Titan creates and engages in a culture of courage and authenticity. Titan acts with integrity, faces fear and embraces simplicity. Titan advocates for a conscious and present mindset. Titan encourages awareness gratitude, abundance, and acceptance. Titan Redefines Consulting.


Social Impact

Titan believes in giving back and serving others. 

Please join us in helping where you can. For our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, two organizations we believe in are: The Loudoun Serenity House and Women for Women International. We believe in their missions and encourage you to join us creating social impact.

Titan Supports:


Think Tank

Titan’s Think Tank Founder Beth Jannery is a Forbes Business Council Member with a thought leadership column in Forbes. Titan provides consulting, research, thought leadership, innovative solutions for problem-solving, advising and analysis for key influencers. Titan supports a strong national defense, global leadership, an entrepreneurial culture, Truth, and Freedom of the Press. Titan’s Think Tank accepts donations from organizations, large businesses, major foundations, private individuals, and charities, as well as income from consulting, research and thought leadership. Objectivity is a core value.

Titan Redefines Consulting

Discover Titan’s proven process for creating a business and being successful as a consultant.

Titan’s Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement: Titan advocates, embraces and supports a consulting mission that includes diversity and inclusion. Diverse and inclusive teams and people inspire positive impact in our consulting and certification world. Titan welcomes and respects consultants from every background and culture.

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